We offer a wide variety of services custom tailored to your specific needs.




At Service Repair Specialists, a woman-owned business with nationwide coverage, we provide superior carpentry services ranging from general repairs to demolition. We also offer drywall and ceiling carpentry services.

Service Repair Specialists offers dependable, high-quality cleaning services to businesses throughout the US, as well as parts of Canada. The team of cleaning professionals at each of our locations provides a wide range of cleaning services, including emergency cleanup, awning cleaning, graffiti removal, power washing and window cleaning. We are a woman-owned business that is committed to offering reliable cleaning services.

Service Repair Specialists provides several plumbing services to facilities throughout the US, Mexico and Canada. Our woman-owned business offers prompt, reliable emergency plumbing service, as well as drain cleaning, camera inspections and faucet repair and replacement.

At Service Repair Specialists, we offer a wide range of electrical services to businesses in the continental US, Hawaii, Alaska, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Canada. We are a woman-owned business dedicated to providing safe, dependable electrical services, including new installations, quarterly maintenance, parking lot lights, sign repair and replacement, buzzer systems and security systems.

New Construction
Service Repair Specialists can handle new construction projects of any size throughout the US, Mexico and Canada. Our skilled and experienced teams take care of all phases of construction projects, including planning, materials sourcing, permits, build outs and final walkthroughs.

The experienced landscapers at Service Repair Specialists offer superior landscaping services, including irrigation, snow removal, annual service agreements and parking lot maintenance.

Fixture Installation
At Service Repair Specialists we offer fixture installation. Our professional installers can perform several services, including customer supplied fixture installations, electrical fixture installations and cash desk replacements and installations.

Service Repair Specialists offers dependable, high-quality painting services, including full store paintings, parking lot stripping and interior/exterior painting. Our experienced painters can also do general touchups, minor painting and quarterly refreshing.

The professionals at Service Repair Specialists have years of experience handling rollouts all over the US, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands and in parts of Canada and Mexico. We offer nationwide and regional rollout services that include construction, painting, fixture installations and electrical installations.

At Service Repair Specialists our flooring professionals can take care of new floor installations, floor replacements, carpet installations, hardwood floor installations and ceramic/VCT/marble floor installations. We also offer refinishing and polishing services.

The HVAC experts at Service Repair Specialists provide repair and new installation services for air conditioning and heating systems, including central HVAC and boilers.

Service Repair Specialists offers glass services, including new installations, repairs, resealing, mirrors, windows, doors and security film and tinting.

We are very proud that over 90% of our projects come from recurring business!