Service Repair Specialists is committed to help preserve our planet and it's natural resources.




At Service Repair Specialist we consider our commitment to environmental sustainability to be among one of or top priorities. In addition to our strongly held commitment to providing our clients the best nationwide coverage for their facility maintenance, roll outs and capital projects, we also believe that how we provide our services is of the utmost importance. That is why within our own offices as well as in all of our service endeavors, we aim to maintain sustainability practices that are both tangible and effective.

Energy Conservation Testing
Energy Conservation Testing is implemented in order to better understand your energy consumption. This technique allows us the ability to make the necessary recommendations on changes that could improve and reduce energy costs.

Corporate Recycling Programs
Our corporate recycling programs allow our clients the opportunity to make an environmental difference at the corporate level every day.

Carpet and Fixture Recycling
At Service Repair Specialists we want our clients to understand that upgrading does not need to be harmful to the environment. That is why we offer carpet and fixture recycling to our clients. We provide the peace of mind in knowing that when your facility is ready to upgrade, the discarded materials have been recycled properly.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaners
Our cleaning services use environmentally friendly cleaning supplies to ensure that getting your facility cleaned is less hazardous to the environment.

Digital Storage Initiatives
In an effort to reduce paper consumption, we are moving to a digital storage medium. We are undertaking this project for our own offices, and also offer this service to our clients.

Recycled Office Supplies
In addition to digital storage, we also use recycled office supplies and re-manufactured ink cartridges/toners in our offices.

Painting and Lighting
Service Repair Specialists exclusively uses environmentally friendly, low VOC paint and it is our goal to recycle lamps and lighting fixtures when performing a renovation.